Living Donor Misinformation

The ‘truth’ behind “Seven Pounds”,0,6899836.column

This article, correcting many factual errors in the abyssmal organ donation film starring Will Smith.

“Further, all donors are screened for depression, and no ethics board at a hospital would allow a person in Tim’s mental state to donate any organ, much less more than one.”

Of course, imo, this article doesn’t go far enough, but that’s probably because the writer didn’t know the right questions to ask. The film, like 95% of media depictions, make donating an organ seem as simple as donating a pint of blood.

It is not.
It is major surgery.
It is fraught with risks, both short and long-term, some of which the medical community won’t admit to, or doesn’t know about, because they haven’t bothered to track LDs or tap Canadian and/or British medical database.

As if the transplant community, and specifically living donors, don’t have enough propaganda to wade through, we have to contend with messages like this? Not that I have anything against Will Smith in particular, but he is severe need of an education.

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