There’s Environmentally Conscious and Then There’s…

this guy.

Kudos to him and his family for trying to improve their lives, but seriously – giving up toilet paper?

I’m sorry but that’s just – ewww.

One reply on “There’s Environmentally Conscious and Then There’s…”

Uhhh yeah – I try to be more conscious. Cut back on the bottled water and all that. But there is one thing I will not deny myself. Charmin Ultra (the blue kind). I refuse to have a raw tush! Either by cheap toilet paper or using dead leaves to wipe!

Oh and by the way – men giving up toilet paper is much less a sacrifice than for women. Sure we’re all the same when it comes to number two, but with number one, all guys really do is drip dry. That doesn’t work for women. When we pee, if we don’t have TP we will be running around with pee soaked wet panties and that is simply NOT comfortable. And the hand dryer is simply not an option! Thank you!

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