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This Is How Much the World Cares About Living Donors

“Nagauker went to China, where his daughter said he was taken to a rural hospital and given the kidney of an 18-year-old Chinese girl. The surgery went poorly, and the girl who donated the kidney died shortly after surgery, Shai said.”

“Until just last year, the entire transaction was not only legal in Israel, but some state-sponsored health insurance plans paid for transplants.”

“Before March 2008, Israeli law allowed citizens to go abroad for live organ transplants from non-related donors.”

Keep in mind a NJ Rabbi was recently arrested in the U.S. for operating a 10 year organ trafficking ring – bringing the ‘donors’ in from Israel. Nancy Scheper-Hughes, mentioned in the above article, brought him to the attention of the FBI eight years before and they didn’t believe her.

Yes, organ sales happen in the U.S. all the time. UNOS, who runs the waiting list, and OPTN, the public policy organization over UNOS, looks the other way. Why? Because they get PAID for every donor and every recipient. Legally, UNOS/OPTN has no obligation to living donors; they are given the responsibility of procuring and distributing DECEASED donor organs. They have begun taking on living donation only because there is money in it for them, not because they have legal or ethical obligations.

As Deep Throat said to Woodward and Bernstein – Follow the Money

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