This is How We Save the World?

Not long ago, I attempted to register for a forum connected to a reasonably well-known kidney-related website.

Should I name them? I’ll give a hint – the url and name is how they feel about the process of artificially cleansing the blood when the kidneys can no longer do the job themselves.

But about that forum. After ponying up my info, I received an email with a link to complete my registration. The twist, however, is that it also said this:

Your account must first be approved before you may use your account. You will receive another email shortly informing you of the admin’s decision.

What exactly is the definition of “shortly”? In my opinion, it’s less than 24 hours. So I waited, then penned this reply to admin@ :

While I realize this is a public service you’re offering, you might consider that people find your site and forum because they’re in need of information and compassion. Leaving them hanging for over 24 hours while you “approve” their membership is exactly what they don’t need.

People in this process need a strong support network; it’s unfortunate you’ve chosen not to give it to them.

Unfortunately, not surprisingly, I never heard from them again.

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