This is what it means to have Ethics

Manhattan Media, which recently published the New York Press, is no longer accepting explicit ads. According to Tom Mallon of Manhattan Media, “we are probably going to be losing at least $1 million in revenue. We’re not making a moral or puritanical decision. We just believe in the long-term, it’s not best for the publication.”

Interestingly, The Village Voice responded with cover featuring 8 live nude girls. With no accompanying editorial or article, the joke fell flat and confused the hell out of employees.

To quote the Observer:

One long-time editorial employee said the racy cover felt somewhat “off” because the Village Voice’s staff had become so densely populated by heterosexual males since it was taken over by New Times Media in 2005.

“There are no gay people at the Voice anymore,” the employee said. “It used to be all gay people! Suddenly I work with a lot of straight white dudes. They’re all really nice and I like them a lot, but it’s a different vibe. It just has a different tenor when you have a cover like this.”

Well, I’m glad someone at The Village Voice realizes this because apparently editor Tony Ortega did not. To whit:

The employee said that several staff members had expressed dismay at the cover, and that Mr. Ortega brought up the issue at an editorial meeting Monday. “He got really defensive,” the employee said. “He said if you’re going to be offended by something like this, then you shouldn’t work here.”

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