Those Book Publishing Contests…

For the whole press release:

An imprint of Simon & Schuster announced “hollywood car wash” as the grand prize winner of Project Publish, so she’ll be offered a publishing contract with Touchstone books.

From the press release:

“The book was originally released in March through iUniverse/ASJA, and has consistently been at the top of their bestseller list, as well as reaching #45 on”


“Contestants for the contest included referrals from well-known literary agencies and bestsellers at print-on-demand sites Lulu and iUniverse. Other contestants were drawn from hundreds of proposals directly submitted via the Media Predict site.”

There was a total of 50 contestants.

Now, excuse me from being suspicious and cynical, but “referrals from well-known literary agencies”? Something tells me the only referrals any agents were doling out to this contest were manuscripts they haven’t been able to place elsewhere.

And considering “hollywood car wash” was already achieving some level of success WITHOUT the big NY Publishing machine, isn’t it sort of a no-brainer that they’d choose it as their winner?

Let’s see, should we give a publishing contract to an unproven commodity or to someone who already has marketing hype and a built-in audience? Hmmmm, let me think about that for awhile….

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