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Timeline Anyone…

My new friends who’ve tread this path before me – exactly when do I stop looking like I’m a few months pregnant?

CO2 and swelling dissipation, anyone? Cuz pants are just not an option.



ETA 2012: It was a full month before I was able to wear and button any of my pants.

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I don’t know about a kidney transplate but when I had laproscopy for endomitriosis, it took me a month before I could wear jeans and another two months before the swelling went away completely. It’s something they neglect to inform you about in the hospital so I called the doctor and he just laughed and said “it’ll go away in a few months.” Gee, thanks!

It was about a week for me before the swelling subsided. The bigger issue I have had is that I didn’t get the new surgery with the single belly-button incision. My incision is on the bikini line and everything rubs it. It’s not horrendous, but it’s irritating.

Unlike Terri who seems to be the bionic healing woman :), it was easily a month and half to two months before I could really tighten my belt and not feel irritation. I’m at three months now and just in the last two to three weeks have really started to feel normal

I’m with you Amy P!

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