Deceased Organ Donation Transplant Wait List

Transplant Wait List Watch, #3 for 2012.

On a regular basis, the transplant industry and media trumpet the horror of the growing organ transplant wait list. What they always neglect to mention is that 1/3 of the list is ‘inactive’ at any time. After an OPTN presentation indicated that the active wait list (especially for kidneys, and the vast majority of the wait list is kidneys* has been flat since 2007, I decided to randomly and periodically check the current wait list numbers and post them here.


73,146 active wait list candidates as of 10:23am, June 24, 2012



Prior counts:

May 11: 73,141

January 30, 2012: 72,428

December 29: 72,656

November 28: 72,625

October 18: 72,642

August 23: 72,318

Aug 4: 72,400

July 20: 72,345

July 10: 72,360


*OPTN’s website doesn’t provide active-only kidney waiting list numbers, unfortunately.

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