Tupperware Troll…

Strangely enough, as I was digging through my Tupperware cupboard (You know you have one!), I realized I have FAR more lids than I do containers. Sifting through the tops of various shapes and sizes, I can clearly recall the corresponding bowl, yet it no longer exists.

What could cause this phenomenon? Sure, the microwave is a likely suspect, as it can turn your once precious storage container into a blog of unidentifable plastic; same as the dishwasher. However, this can’t BEGIN to account for the severe unbalanced nature of my cupboard. No joke; I probably have twice as many lids as I do vessels.

So I’ve decided there is a Tupperware Troll who, much like your average homeless person with a shopping cart, rifles through your collection and takes what he finds good and interesting. But only one half or the other; never the entire piece.

And here’s a little known fact: his best friend is the goblin living in your dryer that eats your sock.

It would explain a WHOLE lot!

One reply on “Tupperware Troll…”

you know, i have always wanted to do the following:

make a set of tupperware containers that have the same mouth diameter, but different heights…

then, you could have a bunch of different sized containers.. all with the same lid size..

nothing is more of a bitch than pulling ALL those lids out to find the right one.. they always LOOK right, but when you put them on, they fall right into your stuff!

if they were the same size, you could just get all grabby with the lids..

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