Living Kidney Donor

UNC gets $4.7million gift to help living donors pay expenses–4-7-million-for-k.html

The UNC Kidney Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine received at $4.7-million gift from Shirley Gilman to help living kidney donors pay for hospital and travel expenses, support educational outreach programs across the state and establish a fellowship to help train more physicians in caring for people with kidney disease.

In 1991, Gilman’s nieces Carmencita Conry and Marisa McLeod came to UNC for a kidney transplant. As a result of their successful transplant experience, Carmen, as the transplant recipient, and Marisa, as the kidney donor, realized the challenges that patients might face in accessing live donor kidney transplant. During this time, their brother Allan passed away, and Gilman established the Allan Brewster Memorial Fund to support kidney donor expenses.

This fund began as a smaller gift which assisted donors and recipients who would otherwise not be able to consider transplant. When Gilman passed away in 2008, she gave $4.7 million of her estate to the Allan Brewster Memorial Fund.

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