War Wound

Last week I threw myself headlong into the wall while chasing a ball during my weekly racquetball game. This bruise literally wrapped around the front of my right hip and measured approximately 2.5×5″. And to think, I’ll be donning a bikini next week.

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Ouch! Looks like my arm a few weeks ago when I had to get a vaccination for Yellow Fever. Throw some ice on that bruise asap! 😛

I was a trooper, I actually played racquetball for an hour before returning home and walking around with an ice bag on my hip. It slowly grew in size and shade for days; now it’s beginning to fade but believe it or not, it was more sensitive about a week after it happened then it was for the first few days.

Where are you going that you need a vaccine for Yellow Fever, B?

I’m headed to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda in July for an overland trek (small 35th b-day present to myself). My arm looked like a pin cushion after I got all my shots.

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