What Running a Zine is Really Like..

One reason why Kimmie and I work so well together is that we have this uncanny ability to not be spazzed at the same time. One of us might be bursting a blood vessel about a particular issue but, just like a good marriage, the other maintains an understanding but calm demeanor. Why this occurs is pretty inexplicable but it’s a very good thing. Believe me, both of us losing it simultaneously would probably result in some serious bloodshed – and I don’t mean ours.

But here’s a good example. I hurled through a few hoops to “apply” for press credentials for Lollapalooza. (Yes, believe it or not, there is a Process for these special events). This occured on the heels of spending three months trying to procure an interview that consisted of me pleading and selling, and hearing nothing but silence from yonder publicist until I commited virtual ego suicide, but still wound up empty-handed. A lengthy conversation with a good friend of mine who is coincidentally a literary publicist soothed me into believing that variables far out my control were at work and it wasn’t my inferiority or incompetence standing in my way. So it was with this reasonable frame of mind that I received word we were turned down for said Lolla press credentials.

Kimmie, however, was not feeling so zen that day. She was downright indignant, frustrated and angry; a reaction I completely understood. I worked a little of my publicist friend’s magic and talked her through it, and never of us thought spoke much of it again.

Predictably, I’m running into media outlets who have stories about the festival, and now I find myself growing irate. The Nine West shoe, as they say, is on the other foot. In fact, I’m becoming so bothered by some of the so-called publications that have stories relating to the event that I’m considering penning a polite and professional email to Lolla’s publicist and asking for an explanation. My motivation isn’t to confront her but rather to discover if, indeed, we need to improve our presentation in some way, or if it was something as simple as not being located in Chicago. Sometimes large artists are easily accessible where those barely on the radar have better security than your average military base. It’s an unpredictable, erratic business.

But would I just be wasting my time and energy? Would the publicist be honest or give me some politically correct b.s? And should I really care?

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I’ll tell you what would happen. They’d fucking blow you off, never responding to your email. Because, after all, that’s what they do! And thus blows the theory that we both don’t get bent at the same time šŸ˜‰ LOL Yup I said it all outloud. Blame the red wine and the late hour šŸ™‚ But there is a reason this reputation stands! xoxo Kimmie

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