What Was I Just Saying?

Shocking new revelation: Unchecked government powers get abused

The highlights, to me, are the fact that immediately following The Washington Post’s article on these FBI wiretapping abuses, Arlen Specter, after stressing his position as an insider, emphatically stated there was ‘no evidence’ these abuses had taken place.

Oh but here we are, with a report from the Inspector General saying not only did the abuses occur, they were prolific, and profound, and egregious, and long-term.

This goes one of two ways: If Specter really didn’t know about the abuses, he’s incompetent and should be removed from the committee. If he did know, and he chose to lie about it to the American people, he should be removed from Congress and criminally charged.

So here’s my question – why is it that Specter, and folks like him, suffer no reprecussions for their actions? They LIE about criminal acts – not just one, but repeated and heinous and major violations of, I dunno, The Constitution – and they walk away with their Congressional health insurance, pensions and fat post-political consultant’s gig. Not even so much as a symbolic note made in their file of employment – nothing.

I’m not shocked by this revelation; I think I’m far too cynical these days, but I am disgusted. Shoot, what’s a little ‘made up memoir’ when leaders are supporting behavior like this?

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