Where are my Meds?

Kimmie blames these things on me, but this time it’s our html assistant Emily’s fault.

Type “(your name) is” – with the quotes – into Google and paste the five most interesting results:

Cristy is very proud of her hair and enjoys having her hair fixed or braided.
(I can’t make that up!)

Cristy is working to promote her debut solo CD, Becoming.

Cristy is known as the eleventh wonder of the world.
(Swear to GAWD, I’m not making it up!)

Cristy is able to make the ideal photograph for your advertising, articles or the living room.
(wtf – seriously!)

Cristy is a talented young lady who presents herself as a wonderful role model.
(*cough, cough*)

If you want to see Kimmie’s too, look to our

MySpace page, I’ll be posting them both there!

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