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Why Great Writers Starve and Journalism Suffers

A great post today from professional writer Nate Thayer on a recent exchange with an editor at The Atlantic who wanted to ‘repurpose’ his article.


From The Atlantic:

We unfortunately can’t pay you for it, but we do reach 13 million readers a month.


From Thayer:

I appreciate your interest, but, while I respect the Atlantic, and have several friends who write for it, I have bills to pay and cannot expect to do so by giving my work away for free to a for profit company so they can make money off of my efforts.


Then the clincher from The Atlantic:

I completely understand your position, but our rate even for original, reported stories is $100.


13 million readers yet they can only afford to pay $100.

How about instead of screwing over their writers, the content producers who keep those 13 million readers coming back, they concentrate on fixing their business model?

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