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Why Shands Jacksonville Kidney Transplant Program Closed

I applaud this reporter for actually doing his job: conducting research, asking hard questions, and telling the truth. The transplant industry is a complicated creature with many heads, and they are all masters at obfuscation and diversion. As an advocate, I appreciate that someone cared enough to bring this story to the public.

Notable facts:

– the program failed to meet six out of twelve federal standards.

– transplant recipients’ three-year survival rates were too low.

– no follow-up on ‘adverse events’ [note: I adore this phrase btw, it’s such an absurd euphemism for “we killed or maimed someone”]

– shoddy record-keeping: eg. half their waitlisted patients were actually ineligible. [note: this is why we should view the alarmist numbers on the waitlist with suspicion]

– and not surprisingly, they lied, lied, lied to the public about their reasons for closing.

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That's what's sad – UNOS/OPTN nor CMS nor any other regulatory agency will release that info so we, the public, have no idea who we're trusting with our lives.

What I do know is that only approximately 40 out of 200+ programs are compliant with the living donor data submission policy and not a single thing has ever done been to any of those non-compliant progams. (There's a chart on a blog post, and prolly on the LD101 site too)

Thanks Jeremy Cox – reporter in Jax. for researching why Shands closed its doors so quick. The true reason was not the numbers it was a transplant center putting people at risk… I know because I was one of Dr. Thomas G. Peters patient who has received a risky kidney and he knew it. I was never told or signed a consent accepting. Also, I was never told I would be receiving a risky black box warning chemotherapy drug until 2 days later.
Also: dr. Thomas G. Peters never showed – had a surprise unstaffed surgeon do my surgery with an unlicensed resident for the state of Fl. Wasn't trained to assist. To make a long nightmare with lies, betrayal and deceit show the final outcome of sloppy work, .I was Hep C negative (pre-op) negative then post -op. Hep C positive. It's been 6+ years and nobody has told me how and all the circle of friends from the Fl Doh, Dr.Dorry Segev, Dr. Michael Angelis, UNOS can't seem to see that there was a problem!!!!!
Also, the mandatory reporting of Acute hep c was never reported – thanks to Donna L. for figuring that out… The adverse events are being hidden.

Patty – Hobe Sound, Fl

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