Woo Hey Forward Progress!

The photos and links on our blogs are fixed, and the new main page is up for viewing. We’re updating today, so stay tuned for gobs of good stuff (including my Duran Duran live review!), and more to arrive in the coming days.

I finished “Ghostwritten” by David Mitchell this morning. Here is a guy whose prose is so spectacular that I never hope to match it. I’ll stop short of saying “he’s so good, it makes me want to give up writing altogether” because, let’s face it, I’m not about to do that! Besides, I can put a mean complex sentence together when I set my mind to it!

Anyway, “Ghostwritten” is one of those novels that you have to allow yourself to read. It’s not told in a true linear sense so it requires a certain amount of tolerance and comfort with ambiguity. However, his characters are so vivid and so sympathetic that I was in awe of the groundwork the author must’ve put into the actual process of writing. It’s a ‘heavy’ book, certainly not ‘summer reading’ as classified by contemporary publishers but it is thought-provoking and beautiful.

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