Yahoo – my butt

I’ve been looking for alternatives the EE (see prior posts) and stumbled upon yahoo auctions. First I registered for user name and all that, in effect activating an account, then discovered that in order to buy or sell at yahoo auctions, you must complete an ‘identify verifcation’ process. I fill out the form, which mostly asks typical personal information questions, then wants either your social security number or driver’s license number. Easy enough, right?

I instantly receive the dreaded “we cannot verify your identity at this time” message, followed by “if you believe you received this message in error, please contact Yahoo Customer Care”.

Yes, they actually call it “Customer Care”.

Over the past four days, I have submitted the frickin email form four times. The first time, I received a reply asking for more information, which I gladly provided. I then recieved an email that stated (I should have this wording memorized by now):


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Auctions.

We cannot verify you to buy or to sell in Yahoo! Auctions. Your Yahoo! ID is still valid for logging into Yahoo! and accessing other properties.

Thank you for your interest.

Naturally, I replied and inquired further. As of today, I’ve received no response. Since then, I have submitted the Customer no-Care email form two more times, both times to recieve the above correspondence (and yes, I replied to both of those!), and my favorite, I actually called Yahoo. The girl on the other end of the phone informed me that since yahoo auctions was “free” (and I put that in quotes because she actually said, “well, it’s not really free”), they don’t offer phone support. In fact, they don’t offer phone support for any of their so-called “free” services. She literally told me that no one at Customer Care “is trained” to deal with yahoo auctions, and that they “don’t know anything about yahoo auctions”.

I actually looked up yahoo’s corporate information and am contemplating sending a letter to Jerry Yang, original co-founder of the company who still sits on the Board of Directors. I can’t believe this is what he intended. Then again, maybe he’s transformed into every other corporate executive in contemporary America and made so much money that he really doesn’t care.

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