You Say It’s Your Birthday

Birthdays are strange. As a little kid, everyone gathers around with sugar-laden foods and gifties, and it seems as if the world revolves around you for just that one day. Then you become an adult and you’re lucky if you get a card from your parents or a free beer at the local pub. It becomes something you need to do to celebrate yourself instead of expecting others to revel at your feet.

I spent my special day dodging any and all responsibilities, and considering Kimmie was just here for two weeks, those obligations have been adding up! I sat on my front porch and drank white wine, read, wrote, and eventually chatted with every member of my immediate family.

While I was hoping to have Simon on my special day (the band was Pittsburg on the 2nd; I unsuccessfully busted ass to get an interview), what I got instead was this –

My Dad calling from his vacation spot in Myrtle Beach then passing the phone around to everyone in the nearby vicinity.

My sister Mary’s sweet voice calling me “Christinee-Bodeenie” (Don’t ask, it’s a childhood thing)

The news that my uh – older – sister Bonnie is heading to Sturgis with her husband and their Harley.

And flowers from a man – it’s always a romantic gesture.

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