Birthday Mayhem

This post will be disjointed and possibly incoherent, but it’s my birthday AND I’m having surgery in two days, so I’m allowed!

1. It is official – I either need a brand new computer OR I need an external hard drive. My laptop has a tiny hard drive because really, you don’t need to be storing oodles of stuff there, and I bought it to write. My PC, however has a bit of age on it (for PCs, that is). I took a gander at my C drive today and oops – I don’t have my space available there either. Let’s put it this way – my new ipod classic has more space than my PC AND my laptop combined.


So if someone, anyone could either find me or build me a reliable external, I would be most grateful.

2. The emotional rollercoaster has begun. I had my first directly-related-to-surgery anxiety dream on Friday night. That sucked. Then I was breaking into tears over cheesy magazine ads on Saturday, and this morning my dad’s voice broke over the phone when he called to wish me a Happy Birthday.

And to think, I can’t have a drink until after the surgery.

3. Now that I’m (apparently) cleaning out my hard drive, I ran into this – it is at once disturbing and horribly funny…..

Mysteriously (cough, cough) I seem to have located a couple of stray photos of nekkid men too… Wonder where those came from…. (cough, cough)

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Hang in there. It is a big deal but you’re doing a great thing – something many will never have the opportunity to do.

And as I posted earlier, you’re not alone. There are lot’s of people sending you support and will be thinking of you and sending you energy Tuesday and beyond.

I was at the hospital for the surgery yesterday. Cristy came through with flying colors in about 4 hours of surgery. Her sister took about 6 hours, and was in recovery when I left at 4pm. Last thing Cristy said when I saw her in recovery was “Morphine rocks.” She should be discharged tomorrow (Thursday) if all goes well. Kidney was making urine. Go Trixie!

A friend of mine (actually she’s Korean-American blogger I’m stalking) had this picture on her website… Along with the joke about it being ironic that the Koreans were the ones who cloned dogs…

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