Bordello Bathroom Renovation, part I (Before)

When one buys a one-owner house built in 1968 at an estate sale, one expects a certain amount of vintage or uh, retro, decorating. That does not mean, however, that one has to live with one with said atrocities.

This is the bathroom off my  master bedroom:

This photo doesn’t adequately display the purple/pink/mauve hue of the toilet and sink.  It is, in reality, much darker and more inexplicable than shown here. It, and in fact, ALL of my bathrooms (dirty robin egg blue, and yellow, respectively), are perfect examples why toilets should never be anything but white or off-white.

Note the god-awful swag lighting (which becomes an obstacle during renovation due to the location of the light box), the completely plastic vanity and counter, and medicine cablnet whose door smacks the light fixture every time it swings open.

The shower (notice the door on the left there) was otherwise known as the cave. It runs the full width of the room, but the only light source is what manages to come through the frosted glass 24″ door. Not adequate.


Close-up on the wallpaper:

pettable metallic wallpaper

Not only it is metallic, it is PET-ABLE. Seriously, the wallpaper is three-dimensional and faux velvet. I’m not sure what the benefit of this is, other than to have something to rest your face against between bouts of vomiting. which I suppose could provide some comfort. Between the colors and the pattern, It clashes with any sort of reasonable design scheme. It is just – not good.


The home’s prior resident was an elderly widower (obviously he wasn’t always either of those things, but it was his identity before his death). He had moved his bedroom into the first floor office and exclusively used the bathroom off the kitchen. Consequently, the second floor facilities hadn’t been utilized for an undetermined amount of time. So it wasn’t a complete surprise when the shower began to leak. That, in addition to the above indicated aesthetic deficiencies, gave me the perfect excuse to start demolition.


My first order of business:

bordello bathroom demolitino


One word: Sawzall.


To be continued…..


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