Organ Markets

CNN Covers Organ Trafficking

This particular case occurred at Mt. Sinai in NY.

“According to kidney transplant doctors, the process of pre-screening, blood-type matching and other related medical issues normally takes two months before any surgery. During that time, both recipient and doctor have to make several visits to a team of doctors, social workers and perhaps even ethicists before a final decision is made.”

Who are they kidding? There are TWO visits. That is not the definition of ‘several’.

“The chief of nephrology at Mount Sinai later said hospitals and doctors are primarily concerned with medicine.”

In actuality, they’re concerned with performing the transplant. A. it’s a lot of money and B. they only consider the ‘sick’ recipient as their patient. The living donor is simply an organ receptacle.

“We’re not detectives. We’re not the FBI,” Dr. Barbara Murphy said. “People can, on occasion, deceive us.”

A 45-minute psychological evaluation done (usually) by a social worker is not going to uncover duplicity. Especially when they don’t try very hard.

Buying and selling organs in the U.S. is illegal, period. I understand the donors are usually foreign and most likely out of our jurisdiction (I can’t imagine the Feds wasting their time expediting these people) but the recipients are U.S. citizens and just as guilty of breaking the law. It’s time we start holding the ‘demand’ side of this equation responsible as well.

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