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Extended Criteria Liver Donors At Higher Risk For Complications

As the authors say: “Donor selection criteria are being continuously modified to expand the potential donor pool in living donor liver transplantation”


“Donors who were older than 55 years, and/or with BMI >30, and/or with a remnant liver volume of <30% were defined as extended criteria donors.”

(Think about that for a second; medical personnel who swear to “do no harm” are leaving someone with less than 30% of their liver. Ugh)


“Postoperative complications were observed in 17 (28%) of 61 extended criteria donors, and 53 (19%) of 281 non-extended donors”

“Complications developed in 3 of 7 donors aged >55 years and with BMI >30.”

“Grade IIIb complications were statistically significantly higher in the extended group. Having more than 1 extended criteria may increase the donor’s postoperative complications in LDLT. Thus, the elimination of the donors should be considered in the presence of more than 1 extended criteria.”


I have no idea how they can “eliminate” a donor with a 30% liver remnant considering they’re the ones removing the liver, but all right…

Bottom line: if you’re over 55 and/or have a BMI greater than 30, you probably shouldn’t be a live liver donor.

Dirican A, Ozsoy M, Ates M, Ersan V, Gonultas F, Isik B, & Yilmaz S (2015). Consequences of the use of extended criteria donors in living donor liver transplantation. Annals of transplantation : quarterly of the Polish Transplantation Society, 20, 211-7 PMID: 25877045

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