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Hospital Contaminates Donor Kidney

A wife donates her kidney to her husband* at North Shore University Hospital, and while both are under anesthesia, “an unidentified fluid” dropped from the ceiling into the basic holding the wife’s now removed kidney. The kidney was cleansed, examined and who-knows-what-else for “hours”, and by the time it was implanted in the husband, it “barely functioned”.

So sayeth the surgeon’s report.

Predictably, the graft failed shortly afterward. So, Mr. Johnson still needs a transplant, and Mrs. Johnson has to spend the rest of her life dealing with the risks of having one-kidney.

The hospital, remarkably enough, are denying *any* of this happened, despite the surgeon’s report and the detailed notes about the attempted recovery of the contaminated kidney. *Vehemently* denying it, I might add; as if the Johnson’s and their lawyers made up the story out of thin air.

Welcome, my friends, to the world of medical malpractice.

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*Who had Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. What are the two leading causes of kidney failure in the U.S.? Ding-Ding!

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