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Living Kidney Donors Experience Bone Changes

I can only see the abstract, and this is far from perfect, but at least it acknowledges that living kidney donors *do* see changes in bone density metabolism. That, in itself, is a shift from the whole “don’t worry, you can donate a kidney and continue on your merry way with  no worries”.

Unfortunately, only one study is discussed (probably because no one else has bothered to examine the issue) which says that after a median 6.6 years post-donation, LKDs aren’t at a higher risk for fractures than the “general population selected for good health” (whoever those folks are; impossible to know if it’s a good matched cohort).

Like so many other health issue related to renal function and kidney donation, file this under “something to be aware of, and have tested on a regular basis”.


Naylor KL, & Garg AX (2014). Bone health in living kidney donors. Current opinion in urology PMID: 25144146

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