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Men Considering Donating a Kidney – Read This

Left testicular swelling and sensitivity is a known complication of left donor nephrectomy. According to one study, Ipsilaterial Orchialgia occurred in 9.6% of men, and sometimes required surgical intervention.


According to a recent study, Orchialgia (testicular pain and swelling) is due to an injury of the “spermatic plexus during gonadal (testicular) vein (GV) or ureteral ligation”. in other words, blood vessel and nerve damage, resulting from the nephrectomy procedure.

These researchers found that the location of the clamps used during the kidney removal have a “significant impact” on the occurrence of the complication. Clamping of the gonadal vein and/or ureter above the crossing of the iliac vessels (level 1) was less likely to result in orchialgia than clamping them at or below the iliac vessels (level 2).

A total of 14.3% (10) of the study’s men experienced orchialgia. One (1) was clipped at Level 1, and nine (9) at Level 2.


So, dudes – if you’re a prospective living kidney donor, hand your surgeon a copy of this study and talk to her/him about this possibility. Your testicular comfort may depend on it 🙂


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